PolyEngraved signs are here!

PolyEngraved signs are here!

Our PolyEngraved signs are made from a 1/2″- 1″ thick high-density UV stabilized polyethylene. This tough sign material won’t delaminate, chip or peel and is designed to withstand a wide range of environmental conditions. This UV stabilized sign board material won’t fade in direct sunlight and can withstand rain, cold, hail and wind. It resists graffiti, the non-stick surface protects against spray paints and markers and it is also impact resistant.

Available in a variety of color combinations, they are made from 3 layers of High Density Polyethylene (recycled milk bottles, a “green” product). The inside core of the signboard material is a different color than the outside layers. So when we carve or engrave it, this inner core color becomes exposed, giving you the color contrast desired. It looks just like painted wood, feels just like painted wood, but outlasts painted wood by many years!

PolyEngraved signs are our most durable sign and will withstand the harshest weather and they are vandal resistant. Our PolyEngraved signs are perfect for Business signs, Church signs, School signs, Farm signs, Residential signs, etc.

We use a solid core high density polyethylene signboard material, NO WOOD, which means no need to worry about warping, rotting, etc. Click Here to see complete info and pricing.

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