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Market Street Church & Business Signs

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Thank you for your interest in our sign products.  EZSignsOnline.com LLC is a fast, affordable, convenient and safe way to order your signs.  We have sold thousands and thousands of church, farm, business, and residential signs throughout the United States via the internet since 1998. You can read the text below for Market Street info.

Cost Effective Brand Building
We know that a strong design creates a powerful first impression.  This impression can entice a prospective member to visit and “try you on”.  We are excellent at developing sign products that deliver consistent powerful brands.  You and your members deserve a cost effective brand building sign system that starts delivering a strong image out at the street, and extends into the sanctuary.

Creative Innovation
Our sign engineers are creative innovators who seek out new materials and manufacturing methods that can be leveraged across many applications and customers.  We have developed manufacturing processes that are extremely efficient; and it is this high degree of efficiency that allows us to create many more signs in half the time than our competition.  We use parametric design on our computer aided sign making systems and techniques to manufacture high-impact, low maintenance signs that will endure for years.  The end result is a huge savings to our customer without sacrificing quality.

We Guarantee Your Satisfaction
EZSignsOnline.com LLC relies on customer satisfaction, the reason for our continuing success. We stand behind all of our products and guarantee the highest levels of quality, durability and safety.   Our reputation has been earned through hard work, integrity and delivery in a timely manner.   Our unwillingness to tarnish our reputation is your guarantee of excellence!

We Look Forward To Helping You
As you browse our unique sign creating website we invite your questions and comments at any time.   We are more than just a web presence and welcome your phone call to discuss your needs.  You may call us toll free at 1-800-640-8180 and our friendly staff will be happy to help you.   You can also learn more about us by visiting our “customer testimonials” page online to see what a few of our recent customers have said.  We look forward to helping you deliver a powerful brand to all of your customers.  Thank you for trusting us with your valuable image!

How Will These Market Street Signs Weather?
Extremely Well!  All 4 sizes of our Market Street Church Signs are made using a digitally printed outdoor high performance vinyl transfer applied to a 1″ thick solid building grade PVC signboard.  They are rigid, strong and lightweight and handle all weather conditions very well.  Our Market Street signs also include a complete starter set of magnetic letters/numbers. We do not use any wood in the construction of our signs, click here to see why.

The Materials We Use Are Maintenance Free!

  • Impervious to insect damage
  • 1″ Thick solid PVC signboard is UV stable
  • Does not expand and contract like wood – therefore it does not “pop” the letters or graphics off
  • Heat & Cold resistant
  • Designed for long term outdoor use
  • Maintenance free – just occasional washing w/mild soap & water when dirty

Light Your Sign Up Easily:
This type of sign is not available backlit (lighted from within). However, you can easily light up your new church sign, school sign, fire department or park sign up by getting some low wattage outdoor lights and pointing them towards your sign from below. Clear acrylic security vandal covers are also available; see our step by step options for pricing.

Our Warranty:
Under normal use and service if the sign material used in our signs we offer should peel, fail or fade within one year of invoice/receipt date, under normal usage, we will repair or replace the product (at our option). Customer may be required to return defective product at their expense. We will then repair or replace the product and ship back to customer at our expense. EZSignsOnline LLC reserves the right to require visual documentation of the claim before assuming any responsibility under the provisions of this warranty. Removing and re-installing repaired or replacement parts is the responsibility of the owner. This warranty covers normal use and service. Slight warping of some of the signboard materials we use is considered normal (typically it is a result of the sun warming up one side of the signboard more than the other, most materials expand and contract like this).

 We do not offer a warranty against any damage caused to your sign by weather (wind, rain, ice, snow, tornadoes, hurricanes, etc.), vandalism, graffiti, theft, vehicular damage, bullet holes, etc. Customer must contact EZSignsOnline LLC within thirty (30) days of damage or malfunction.
  Upon delivery, incidental blemishes and scratches are considered normal unless they can be viewed from 20 feet or further under normal use conditions. You may notice some very small “air bubbles” in your sign vinyl, do not be alarmed, this is normal and they usually dissipate over time. EZSignsOnline.com LLC assumes no liability for damage caused by careless handling by the customer or installer or poor installation. In the event the sign and packaging is noticeably damaged during shipping it is the responsibility of the customer to refuse delivery causing the sign to be returned to us for repair or replacement. and to file a damage claim with the carrier. If you notice a problem with your sign after unwrapping it (concealed shipment damage, missing pieces, wrong size, etc.), please contact us within 3 days after receipt of your sign. Customer will be required to keep ALL packaging materials that came with sign for possible inspection by the delivery company insurance inspector if needed. It is also advised to not mount or display your sign until any and all carrier inspections have been completed (otherwise they may assume the damage was done while handling the sign well after delivery). Original shipping method/cost is not refundable.
  We cannot give refunds for any of our custom sign orders simply because you changed your mind after you received it. All signs are custom built to order. It is up to you to make sure you are ordering the size and type of sign you want from the start. We do our best to accommodate customers with delivery time frames/deadlines, however you the customer must let us know when ordering/approving your order if you do have a deadline you need your sign by. Known expedited orders are handled and quoted a time frame on a per order basis. We are not responsible for any delays in the shipping chain after it leaves our shop. That is beyond our control.
We reserve the right to alter, change or update this warranty at any time at our discretion.

Customers are responsible for acquiring all applicable local permits for their new sign. Please do this prior to ordering and approving your new sign order.