Freight Delivery


How does “Freight Delivery” work on larger size signs?

*Freight shipping is free to all business addresses with a loading dock or forklift to offload. If your delivery address is not a business address with a loading dock and/or forklift, then a “limited access delivery charge” of $95. to $249.  will be added to your order (quoted on a per order basis). Limited access deliveries include farms, residential, churches, small businesses, inner cities, etc.

If you do not have a loading dock or forklift (with ample room for an 18 wheeler to maneuver), then all signs that ship by freight are considered  “limited access delivery,” which means that the driver will unload the shipment at the end of your driveway or the entryway of your building. They will usually only enter your property if they feel there is enough room to navigate their truck. Items difficult to move from the truck may require your assistance. Occasionally, drivers will offer to take boxes to your door or garage, but they should not be expected to do so. Read more info on “What to do when your sign arrives by the freight/shipping company.”
Freight Delivery: 

Many of our signs that ship by freight are packaged on a skid, which could weigh up to several hundred pounds. If you do not have access to a loading dock, it’s in your best interest to get additional people to assist you when delivery arrives. Somebody must be present when it arrives to sign for and receive your shipment.
If you’d like your sign order delivered with a truck that has a lift gate on the back (to ease in unloading it) this will be $95. extra and must be chosen and paid for PRIOR to us shipping you your sign.

*Any additional freight handling charges (above and beyond actual freight cost) are the responsibility of the customer, and you will be invoiced accordingly. (e.g., lift gate charge, residential delivery charge, hold and redelivery charge, limited access delivery, change of address, etc.)

What to do when your sign shipment arrives by freight delivery.

1. Your sign and shipping skid/container or boxes will leave our shop in perfect condition when they ship.

2. Please ensure that you are present to thoroughly inspect product(s), both inside and out, received via trucking delivery service while the driver is still at the delivery location. Only sign the delivery receipt if all the pieces/units are delivered. The delivery receipt will show the total number of pieces and handling units in your shipment. If you are missing any pieces, then you must make note of it on the delivery receipt.

3. Please open and inspect the package at the time of delivery for any damages or blemishes, internal or external. Any damage that is noticed MUST be noted on the paperwork for the delivery company, as well as any refusal of merchandise. If the Driver cannot wait for you to inspect the merchandise you must leave a note on the delivery receipt next to your signature stating, “Subject to inspection, driver was not willing to wait” .

4. Any signs of damage must be reported to our Customer Service Department within 3 days of delivery. If you fail to inspect the unit, or failed to indicate any damages to the unit, the customer assumes all responsibility for the product. Our company, nor the shipping company, WILL NOT be liable for any damages discovered 3 or more days after delivery due to failure of inspection or failure to contact EZSignsOnline.com right away. (info@ezsignsonline.com – 1-800-640-8180)*

5. *Most all freight carriers abide by the same (NMFTA) rules regarding “concealed damage”. If no damage/shortage exceptions were noted on the delivery receipt at the time of delivery, shipments later that are found to be damaged or shortage will be considered “concealed”. For all “concealed” claims the motor carrier must be given written notice within 3 business days of intial product/freight delivery. EZSignsonline.com will help you submit this written notice, however you must notify us within 3 days in order to get it submitted in time, to the carrier, on your behalf. This is not a damage claim, but merely a notice they need to know about in advance of the actual claims process.

6. Upon delivery, in the event of any sign of significant visible damage to a product, refuse the delivery and send the product back with the driver. Contact our Customer Service Department immediately at 800-640-8180.

7. Shipping damage to our well packed signs is very rare. But it does occasionally happen. Please contact us immediately if you have any questions or concerns along the way.

8. We are shipping this parcel on your behalf. It is your responsibility to check for damage and contact us asap if you notice anything missing or damaged. 1-800-640-8180

9. We try to give you a rough idea of a delivery date when it ships out. Delays sometimes happen in the trucking industry. This is beyond our control once the shipment leaves our dock.

10. Any additional freight/handling charges (above and beyond what was initially quoted) are the responsibility of the customer.

e.g.: lift gate charge, residential delivery charge, hold and re-delivery charge, inside delivery, etc.

Our Warranty:
Under normal use and service if the sign material used in our signs we offer should peel, fail or fade within one year of invoice date, under normal usage, we will repair or replace the product (at our option). Customer may be required to return defective product at their expense. We will then repair or replace the product and ship back to customer at our expense. EZSignsOnline LLC reserves the right to require visual documentation of the claim before assuming any responsibility under the provisions of this warranty. Removing and re-installing repaired or replacement parts is the responsibility of the owner. This warranty covers normal use and service. Slight warping of some of the signboard materials we use is considered normal (typically it is a result of the sun warming up one side of the signboard more than the other, most materials expand and contract like this). We do not offer a warranty against any damage caused to your sign by weather (wind, rain, ice, snow, tornadoes, hurricanes, etc.), vandalism, graffiti, theft, vehicular damage, bullet holes, etc. Customer must contact EZSignsOnline LLC within thirty (30) days of damage or malfunction.
Upon delivery, incidental blemishes and scratches are considered normal unless they can be viewed from 20 feet or further under normal use conditions. You may notice some very small “air bubbles” in your sign vinyl, do not be alarmed, this is normal and they usually dissipate over time. EZSignsOnline.com LLC assumes no liability for damage caused by careless handling by the customer or installer or poor installation. In the event the sign and packaging is noticeably damaged during shipping it is the responsibility of the customer to refuse delivery causing the sign to be returned to us for repair or replacement. and to file a damage claim with the carrier. If you notice a problem with your sign after unwrapping it (concealed shipment damage,​ item shortage,​ etc.), please contact us within 3 days after receipt of your sign. Customer will be required to keep ALL packaging materials that came with sign for possible inspection by the delivery company insurance inspector if needed. It is also advised to not mount or display your sign until any and all carrier inspections have been completed (otherwise they may assume the damage was done while handling the sign well after delivery). Original shipping method/cost is not refundable.
We cannot give refunds for any of our custom sign orders simply because you changed your mind after you received it. All signs are custom built to order. It is up to you to make sure you are ordering the size and type of sign you want from the start. We do our best to accommodate customers with delivery time frames/deadlines, however you the customer must let us know when ordering/approving your order if you do have a deadline you need your sign by. Known expedited orders are handled and quoted a time frame on a per order basis. We are not responsible for any delays in the shipping chain after it leaves our shop. That is beyond our control.
We reserve the right to alter, change or update this warranty at any time at our discretion.

Customers are responsible for acquiring all applicable local permits for their new sign. Please do this prior to ordering and approving your new sign order.