Assembly Instructions for PVC post and bracket

Assembly Instructions for PVC Post & Bracket Combo

Step 1

Bury a treated wood 4×4 into ground (below frost line in your area). Leave appr. 64” sticking out of ground.
Make sure wood post is level/vertical. Slide your PVC post over 4×4. Top of wood post should be 1”-3” below top of PVC post. See photo #1 below.

PVC Post & Bracket combo

Hint: Make sure you use a wood post that will easily fit inside the PVC post. Sometimes the wood posts are cut a little big and may not easily fit.

Step 2

Align top of sign bracket appr. 4”-6” below top of PVC post. Mark holes and drill thru PVC post wall and into the wood post. Attach bracket using large sized stainless screws provided.

Step 3

Attach post cap with PVC glue or 2 small stainless steel screws. You are now ready to hang your sign!