Need Help Funding Your New Church Sign?

Need Help Funding Your New Church Sign?

Here at we have developed a unique church sign fundraising program, Christian Fundraiser Decals. We know budgeting for a new church entrance sign can be tough in this economy. It can now be a lot easier on your church budget with their FREE decals. If your church needs a new entrance sign, these decals are a great way to raise funds quickly.

If you decide that a cost-effective, beautiful, maintenance free New England Style or Market Street sign from us fulfills your requirements for a new sign, then you can order our FREE Christian Fundraiser Decals. The fundraiser decals are available free of charge (nominal shipping charges apply to each order). With at least a $5.00 suggested retail price, your church building committee can then sell these decals as a fundraiser. Your church then keeps 100% of the proceeds towards the purchase of a new church entrance sign.

Vinyl decals are a popular trend, many vehicles on the road today have various rear window or bumper decals already. There are 4 different designs to choose from: WWJD, Praying Hands, Christian Fish (Icthus), and Peace Dove.

This offer works by ordering your church sign online and opting in to ur fundraiser decal program. We will then email you a sign proof (graphic image) of your new sign for the fundraising committee members to show with the decals display in your church. We will even provide a small poster to help promote the decal sales for your new church entrance sign (see pic). You then have 6 weeks to sell the decals and apply the proceeds towards the purchase of your new sign.

For complete details on this program call toll free at 800-640-8180

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